Our Culture

When it comes to what people want out of a job, one size does not fit all. That's why Luxor Workspaces emphasizes an inclusive culture that ensures you get back what you put in (and then some).

Live to Work or Work to Live?

Whether your priority is career advancement, stable income to support your family, or work/life balance, there's a place for you here.

Collaboration is Key

It takes a diverse array of talents and skills to make an organization successful. That's why we respect and reward teamwork and collaboration. To put it another way, we're not looking for order takers. Your ideas will be heard, and your contributions will make an impact.

A Little Recognition Goes a Long Way

It's no fun when one person gets all the credit. To ensure everyone feels appreciated, we offer awards, perks, outings, plus a company-wide profit-sharing program where everyone gets the same bonus, regardless of job title. We also have Bonus.ly, so coworkers can recognize each other for a job well done.

Better Every Day

Here at Luxor Workspaces, we're big on continuous improvement. Specifically, we consistently seek small adjustments that increase efficiency, reduce waste, enhance quality, and raise the level of service we provide to our customers. We believe this approach helps us reach our goals more effectively than sweeping reorganizations that can be disruptive to our customers and stressful to our employees. Best of all, everyone in the organization has daily opportunities to positively affect change.

An Office You Want to Come To

Luxor Workspaces recently invested in a floor-to-ceiling conversion of our company headquarters. Formerly a warehouse with a small office space in front, our new workspace is spacious, comfortable, quiet, full of natural light, and offers the sorts of amenities you'd normally expect at a Silicon Valley tech giant. It's also easily accessible from dozens of communities between Chicago and Milwaukee.