Recruitment Scams

We are aware of fraudulent activity targeting potential EBSCO employees that we want you to be aware of. These attempts, which have become prevalent across all industries, try to take advantage of job seekers by posing as legitimate company representatives to obtain personal information, including bank account and/or social security numbers.

To help you identify and avoid these false efforts, we at EBSCO want to be clear about how we, and the businesses we represent, interact with potential team members:

  • Our team will schedule interviews by phone, email or text. Any emails should come from a valid EBSCO email address.
  • We conduct interviews in person, via video and over the phone. We will not request that you participate in an interview via Instant Messenger or Google Hangouts.
  • We will not reach out using a free email domain, such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail. Our email communications will always come from private email domains owned by EBSCO. But please be aware that fraudsters are becoming more adept at falsifying private domains. Review email addresses closely to ensure that everything is accurate before replying.
  • We will never request your social security number, date of birth, credit card, or bank account information prior to or during the interview process.
  • We will not request payment of any kind during the hiring process.
  • We will not send you vague communications. During the hiring process, our communications will clearly refer to a specific job opening.