At EBSCO, we are cultivating a culture of continuous improvement—creating opportunities for our team members to reach their potential, personally and professionally. We hire people who are curious, positive, passionate, and resourceful. We value open communication and recognize that transparency helps team members be more successful. We want all of our businesses to be the kinds of working environments our team members value.

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EBSCO is committed to helping every employee develop their leadership talents to reach their potential. The EBSCO Way Leadership Model is an initiative aimed at giving employees the training and resources they need to become effective leaders. Through this program, employees learn the behaviors required for success at every level of the organization and receive the information necessary to lead themselves, others, leaders, and, ultimately, EBSCO businesses.

Our focus on continuous improvement extends beyond our businesses. EBSCO donates 5% of before-tax profits to organizations committed to improving the quality of life in our communities.

We also encourage our employees to make a difference in our communities by getting involved with the non-profit groups we support and organizations they feel passionate about.