Consumers associate our products with some of their most treasured experiences. That doesn't happen by chance. At PRADCO, it is our mission to deliver lasting value. Being anglers and hunters ourselves, we are passionate about creating products that retailers want to sell and consumers want to own. And we're pretty good at it. During the nearly four decades we've been in business, we have honed that passion to build many of the outdoor industry’s most iconic brands.

At PRADCO Hunting:

  • We deliver lasting value to all we serve.
  • We provide best-in-class service.
  • We provide superior product design, quality, and delivery.
  • We work hard to put retailers and consumers first.
  • We are honest and trustworthy, always doing what we say we'll do.
  • We are team players who demonstrate professionalism and emotion maturity.
  • We challenge the status quo and grow together. 

At PRADCO Fishing:

  • We know that success requires tenacity.
  • We are constantly learning, relearning, and doing our homework.
  • We focus on long-term results rather than short-term gains.
  • We know the best ideas can come from anywhere.
  • We are transparent with the what and why of our actions.
  • "See it, own it, solve it, do it" is our mantra.
  • We assume the best of our people and push them to reach their fullest potential.